Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Architecture of Cloud Computing

A Cloud Computing  
Cloud computing may be divided into two sections that is the front end and the back end. Connected to each other via a network link this is usually the through Internet.  The front end is usually refers to as the client or the computer user while the back end refers to as by the term “The Cloud”.

The front end can be including a client computer, the application needed to access the cloud data center, and a stable internet connection. Different cloud computing systems have also different user application interface.  Internet based email services and others can be access on exiting web browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome and others. Some company’s cloud computing systems have unique application that provides network access to its employees.

The back end system on the other hand composed of various servers, data storage and computers systems that create the "cloud" of computing system services. Cloud computing system eventually includes almost any computer program one can imagine, from video games to data processing programs; also each application will have its own dedicated server to be used.

Meanwhile the central server administers the cloud system, monitoring client demands and traffic and to ensure everything runs smoothly and efficiently. Cloud computing system follows a unique set of rules called protocols and use middleware, a kind of unique software. Middleware serves as a communication tool between networked computers and the client.

Cloud computing companies which have several clients could demand a very high amount of storage space on their servers. Generally, these storage devices are used to store clients’ application and programs. Backup’s servers are always running to ensure full redundancy on clients’ data.  Some type of cloud computing companies offers google apps for business.  

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